Pokemon Uranium

I gave Pokemon Uranium a shot.  It's a very ambitious fan game that takes after the Pokemon games of the third generation but with some more modern things for PC too.

It's a really impressive effort and it took years to make.  Of course Nintendo pulled the plug right away but once a file gets out there on the internet it never really goes away.  I'm sure you can find it if you want.

I tried a few hours of it and I was impressed but there were a few too many little things that didn't click with me that made me set it down.  But honestly, most of these details are because it's based off the older games and not the newest.

The other thing I immediately noticed is that it's not paced as well as most Pokemon games.  I actually lost my first battle which is something that has never happened in a Pokemon game before.

Not to mention that it's on PC.  These games are really made to sit back with a controller or handheld while playing.  Having to use keyboard controls is the main thing that pushed me away from the game.

If you're a huge Pokemon fan it's definitely worth taking a look at if you can find the file.  For the rest of us we're probably better off waiting until the next real Pokemon game in a couple months!


  1. I'll check it out. The keyboard thing is not a problem for me since a grow up playing emulated versions of gold, ruby and fire red.

    1. If the controls aren't a turn off it's definitely worth trying it out.

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