Aftermath: Life Debt Review

I'm keeping up to date with all the new Star Wars novels and Aftermath: Life Debt is the latest.

I think this book is better than the first Aftermath novel but it's still not great.  I just haven't been able to buy into any of the author's unique characters for this series.  Luckily, this book pulls in Han, Chewie, Leia, Wedge, and some others.  That helps it so much.  They're interesting and established characters where all the new unique characters feel like bland stereotypes.

But the one thing this book does brilliantly are the interludes.  There are a bunch of them throughout the book and they give quick little vignettes about what's happening around the galaxy.  I found myself excited for each new one coming up.

After finishing the book I think I can see where this series is going.  I'm fairly sure it's leading to the Battle of Jakku which is covered in Lost Stars.  It's essentially the last stand of the Empire before the galaxy falls into a time of peace (until Episode VII).

Honestly, I would love a full novel of just the interludes in this book.  That's where his writing shines.  But, I'm still glad I read this because now I have more context for the galaxy at large.  I'm interested to see where this series ends but I'm more interested in the other books coming up about Ashoka, Thrawn, and the tie in to Rogue One.


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