S1E32 - MMOs - “Alright, WoW it is!”

Massively Multiplayer Online Games
In this episode:
  • Our history with MMOs! And y’all, we have some history.
  • We both game to MMOs early in our lives (hooray for the late 90s!). Beej and his friends Ultima Online, while Void was on the other side of the coin and was an EverQuest guy. Despite our differences in early preferences, we are pretty much in the same place with MMOs today--we love the genre and want it to evolve rather than stagnate.
  • The modern era of MMOs can’t escape the shadow of World of Warcraft. It defined the current genre, and again, we both are coming from opposite perspective--Beej from a raider’s perspective and Void from a solo player’s. We talk about the awesome things the game did, and the consequences of it being so popular for so long.
  • Void talks specifically about EVE Online and why it’s kind of a unicorn in the MMOverse. From a single server to an entirely run player economy, we discuss the systems that made us want to play EVE but in reality keep us away.
  • We talk about MMO nostalgia for the games we used to love and how the games may not be the same if we go back and play them today.
  • Where is the MMO genre going and where do we want it to go? From cross-genre games like Destiny that use MMO elements as core gameplay to virtual reality, we talk about what’s going on right now with MMOs and what we can’t wait to see.

Weekly Geekery
  • Beej - Duelyst / Wordcamp 2016: Nashville
  • Void -  Harry Potter Short story collections / Storm Kings Thunder / Gamefly games ( Just Cause 3 / Rachet and Clank / The Order 1886 / Dragon Quest VII / Until Dawn ) / Zelda Project “lite” / Duelyst
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