S1E31 - The Final Fantasy Series Part 3 - “Basically an impossible question”

The Final Fantasy Series, Part 3
In this episode:
  • Our very first listener-feedback episode! We asked you all for questions related to Final Fantasy, and y’all did not disappoint! We got so many good questions that we had to dedicate the ENTIRE EPISODE to this Q&A. Rather than spoil the goodness for you, just hit the play button and hear us talk at ya!
  • Additionally, we’re looking for ways to shake up the format of the show, and given that this week is all about listener feedback, we want you to shoot us a line and tell us what you want.
  • What topics do you guys want to hear more about? There’s a high probability of us doing a Squaresoft games podcast, and if you want us to dive deeper into any particular Final Fantasy game(s), let us know which!
  • We’re also thinking about doing a game club. Not a game of the month sort of thing; we would take it slower than that. We are open to any games, but prefer ones that are more accessible to more people (think titles that have been out for longer times and available on multiple platforms. FF games are a possibility, as are titles such as 80 Days and Lifeline). Let us know!
  • Also, would you fine folks be interested in a Twitter chat? A scheduled, hour-long, topic-based talk among our awesome community (read: y’all). Would you want to #geektogeek together?
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