Tales from the Borderlands Episode 3

This was another great entry in the Tales from the Borderlands series.  I'm always super excited when new chapters of these Telltale adventure games get released and this one is no exception.

Tales from the Borderlands remains fun, entertaining, and funny.  Emphasis on the funny.

I'm constantly amazed by the ability of this game to make me laugh.  Not many games make me laugh out loud, but this one does.  It's the perfect crazy setting for all kinds of comedy to happen in.  It never takes itself too seriously, and I appreciate that.

This is one I would recommend to any adventure game or story-driven game fan.  Unlike some of the other Telltale games, you don't need to know the other source material this game is based off of.  It's fully playable without previous knowledge.

So, while I would only recommend a Telltale game like Game of Thrones to fans of Game of Thrones... Tales from the Borderlands should be played by anyone who wants to laugh.


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