Monaco is another game I picked up for super cheap in the last Steam Sale.  I had played a little bit of it when it originally came out on Xbox 360 and just remembered that I found the premise interesting.

I found the same thing again this time.  It's basically a heist game with super simple controls.  You move with one analog stick and use special items with the A button.  That's it.

And each character gets a special power.  Maybe you can see further than your other partners.  Or unlock locks faster.  Or knock out guards if you sneak up on them.  It adds variety and pushes you to work as a team.

I really think this game was designed to be played with a full team of 4 people.  It's an interesting premise when I'm playing it single player but I feel like the game would truly shine if I had 4 people to play local co-op with.

I'm going to put this one away in my backcatalog and keep it in mind for local multiplayer in the future.


  1. My cousin gave me this one on Steam, but I just looked at it and never actually played it, since it looked like it really needed the 4 people, so... that was it for me.

    1. If you haven't touched it, it's actually worth loading up and playing a level or two just to see the game in motion. The art style is really interesting.

      But, yes. If you don't have the people or setup for local co-op the game isn't really worth playing through.


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