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I've been trying to level up and finish the main story in Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward lately with my core gaming time, but I've also had little spurts of time to play mobile games on my phone.  They're all fun in short bursts and I've talked about most before, but I thought it would be fun to give a quick rundown.

Spider Solitaire
I used to play this for hours on one of my old Windows PCs before I had a gaming rig.  I found a great version on iOS and I've put much more time into it than I thought I would.  Spider Solitaire is my favorite form of classic Solitare out there.

You Must Build a Boat
A fantastic match-3 puzzler that is a follow up to 10 million.  I loved that game and I love this one too.  I've almost beaten it, at which point I'll retire the game.  It's really nice to have a match-3 puzzler with a definite end.  It makes me feel invested all the way through.

I'm still occasionally playing Hearthstone on my phone.  I'm finding myself wishing more and more for pre-constructed decks and the ability to play single player content.  I don't really like the deck building and I don't enjoy waiting for other players to take their turn.  There's still something at the core of this game that appeals to me, so it hasn't fallen out of my gaming rotation completely.

Puzzle & Dragons
After really getting into the Mario Puzzle and Dragons when I last traveled I thought I would revisit the iOS version.  Now that I understand the game I find it much more enjoyable, but it's still not as good as the version without F2P mechanics.  I've been playing this one off and on but I feel like it might fall out of my rotation soon.

Have you guys found any good iOS or Android games lately?  I'm always looking for more mobile experiences.


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