My First Steam Refund

The only game I paid more than a few dollars for on the Steam Sale a few weeks ago was Europa Universalis IV.

I started it up and within five minutes I knew it had been a mistake buying it.  The premise and description had gotten me intrigued, but the reality of the game was much too complex to be fun for me.  It was overwhelming and I knew I wouldn't like it.

So, I did my first Steam refund.  I just went to the support page, requested a refund, gave my reason as "Game is not fun" and went on my way.

Within a few days I had all the money refunded.  It was super easy.  I chose to put all the money into my Steam wallet since I know I'll use it eventually, but there was also an option to refund to credit card.

I was super impressed with the new Steam refunds.  I think this will actually end up getting me to buy more games to try since I know I can return them as long as I play them for less than two hours.  It's awesome!


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