I've been playing around a little bit in Trove the last week or so.  It's an interesting game.

At it's core it's like Minecraft, but much more directed, and with combat that is actually fun.  The combat and dungeon exploration is actually a much bigger part of the game than it is in Minecraft.  Trove is more of an open world MMO, but it's still made of voxels and you can construct buildings and a home base.

It's an interesting mash-up of Minecraft and MMO.  It's been fun to get into.

I especially love what they did with your custom plot of land.  You have an area that is personally yours to build on, but you can summon it many places in the world.  This way, your home basically travels with you into different zones and throughout different levels.  It's a really cool way to tackle the player housing problem that many MMOs have.

The combat isn't super complicated but it's more involved than Minecraft.  You pick a class and that class gets equipment and abilities.  It seems like classes only have about 5 abilities, 3 of which are mapped to the mouse and 2 of which are on the keyboard.  It's very manageable.  And that let's the game be more action focused than most MMOs.  It's definitely not your typical hotbar combat.

Since it's free to play and easily available on Steam I would recommend this game to anyone who has ever enjoyed a MMO or Minecraft.  If either of those apply to you, you will probably find something in Trove that's appealing.


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