Sunday Viewing: Halo Reach on the Horizon

I'm getting pumped for the Halo Reach beta next week.  Anyone who has Halo ODST gets access and I fall into that category.  The live action trailer released this week just helps top off the buzz surrounding Reach.

I stumbled upon an internet gem last week involving Dwarf Fortress.  In Dwarf Fortress players start and maintain a fortress over the course of its lifetime.  It is an overwhelmingly complex game.  A group of players got together and each played for one year.  Then they would save the game and send the save file to the next player.  They wrote about the progress of their fortress as it came along.

With that lead-in out of the way I want to point you to the year run by StarkRavingMad.  He is about 5 years into the play session and the fortress has had plenty of time to get messed up by multiple overseers.  His description is simply epic.  I don't want to ruin it, just read it.

Once again I'm going to mention the StarCraft 2 replay post series at Lost In Neurons.  Klelith highlighted cheese builds in SC2 this week.  If you want to see some crazy ways to mess with your opponent go read his post.

Enjoy your Sunday!


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