Sunday Reading: Long Week Edition

This was an overwhelming week.  I got married and started my crazy summer work schedule.  I'm providing you with Sunday links anyway.

I'm trying to stay in the Wordcount Blogathon 2010 by posting every day in May.  Half way done.  I hope I hang in there.  I'm extremely tired and worn out right now.

Tobold has an epic EVE Online review made up entirely of comments people have posted on his blog.  A lot of EVE players got extremely worked up about Tobold's impressions, so he used what they had to say to prove his point.  It is remarkably well executed.

Syp posted on earning your wings instead of being handed everything on a silver platter.  It is one of those stale MMO conventions that needs to be spiced up.

Enjoy your Sunday and this Star Trek clip from jandrewedits.


  1. Yes, when I was writing this post I was feeling the way the kitty looks in that picture.


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