Gamefly Turn Around Time

The one thing I hate about Gamefly is the amount of time it takes to send a game back and receive another.  I know the reason it bugs me so much is that I'm spoiled by Netflix, but if they can do it Gamefly should be able to accomplish the same thing.

When I send back a Netflix DVD it takes one day for Netflix to receive and scan in the DVD.  One day to process a new movie and send it out.  One day for the postal service to transport and deliver the DVD to me.  3 days total.  Sometimes it takes slightly longer if I drop off a DVD during a holiday or on a Sunday, but it is almost always 3 days.

When I send back a Gamefly game it takes about 3-4 days for them to even receive my return and acknowledge it.  My Netflix go there and back again in the time it takes my Gamefly to go one way.  The total turn around time on my Gamefly games is usually a week or more.

I know part of it is that Netflix has distribution centers all over the country and Gamefly only has 4.  I know part of it is that Netflix gets high priority service with the USPS.  I know these things, but it still sucks that it takes so long to turn around a Gamefly game.


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