My Top 6 Posts

I've written 100 posts after about 4 months of blogging and I'm fairly proud of myself.  I thought I would take this milestone and look back at what I've written so far.  So, here are my favorite posts out of my first 100.

  • StarCraft 2 Newbie Guide - I love this series of posts and hope to continue them in the future.  I actually get some traffic from Google for this set of posts.  I have a ton of fun analyzing the ins and outs of StarCraft 2.
  • Innovation Trumps Graphics - I truly believe that innovation is more important than graphics.  I hope to see new concepts breaking ground in the world of gaming more often.  It's time to shake things up because so many genre conventions have grown stale.  Indie games do new concepts very well.
  • Expansion Packs: Leveling the Playing Field - I've used this post as a basis for many conversations with friends.  I hate the way the gear treadmill is designed for the endgame of most MMOs today.  All of an individual's hard work counts for nothing as soon as the next expansion pack hits.
  • Features versus Content - An important distinction to make in the world of MMOs.  I wish developers would concentrate on adding more horizontal gameplay options instead of just adding more levels at the top end.
  • StarCraft 2 NDA - A brilliant marketing move by Blizzard.  Others should follow their example.
  • Marketing Fail - One of the few times I have turned a post into a rant, but my points are valid.

When picking out these posts I learned something.  My best posts are when I discuss concepts instead of reviewing games.  I'm still going to put in my two cents on current games but the posts I like to look back on are mostly higher concept pieces of writing.  I'll have to keep that in mind for the future.


  1. Thanks for the list - as a new reader it'll help me catch up.

  2. No problem!

    I had a fun time looking through my archive and analyzing my writing.

  3. 100 posts! That is impressive. Great to meet you through Blogathon.


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