Sunday Reading: Blogathon

Blogathon 2010 is going on.  I learned this from Professor Beej's post on the subject.  I love reading his blog because he covers the intersection of all things media.  It isn't always gaming, but if you have an interest in TV, movies, books, games, and emerging media you couldn't find a better site to read.

Wordcount Blogathon 2010 is about writing a post for your blog every day of the month.  So far I tend to write about 5 times each week, but I'll try to make it 7 times per week this month.  Let's see if I can make it.  I think pre-scheduling posts is about to become my new best friend.

Last week I forgot to direct your attention to a great post by Spinks on the slow but inevitable death of 25 man raiding.  She has some really good points about the way World of Warcraft raiding is heading in Cataclysm.  Her point about it being less friendly for casual players really hit home with me because I am never a hardcore raider.

With so much coverage of the new Guild Wars 2 information released in the past week you might want to go read their manifesto for yourself instead of just reading interpretations of it.  As I read more about the game I get more excited.  It seems like they are actually doing something different with their MMO which is a nice change of pace in the current market.

Tobold summed up most of my problems with EVE Online in one post last week.  His conclusions are why I've quit every time I've tried to play EVE.


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