What Keeps You Coming Back in MMOs?

I'm totally burned out on MMOs at the moment. So, I have a question for all of you out there currently playing MMOs.  What keeps you coming back day after day?  What makes you excited to play your MMO of choice?

I need to hear some positive things about MMOs to get back into the mood.  Every time I think about them all I can think of is the grind and it's a complete turn-off from the genre.

Let me know, what do you love about your current MMO?


  1. I've played WoW on-off for five years now. What makes me reinstall the game every 3 months-ish part the variety and part the excitement for acquiering new stuff (gear, achievements, a new cahracter etc.) MMO's (WoW in my case) tends to have a ton of options regarding where to invest your time. Weather it's with PvP, PvE or just messing around,discovering more stuff. The excitement for new cool stuff speaks for itself. It's just such a nice feeling to finally get that awesome sword or mount you've been working hard for.

    Also i love playing MMOs with my friends. It's always so much fun to attend LAN-parties or Skype/Vent with your real life mates and do dungeons, grinding, PvP or whatever.

    I these things are the explanation for the obsession about MMOs.

  2. I these things are PROBABLY the explanation for the obsession about MMOs.

    Sorry i just had to cerrect myself :)


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