Guild Wars 2 Won Me Over With a Post

The Guild Wars 2 design team from ArenaNet just released their manifesto on game design.  One phrase in particular caught my eye:
"Our games aren’t about preparing to have fun, or about grinding for a future fun reward. Our games are designed to be fun from moment to moment. "
That got my attention.  Now I'm interested in their game.  My number one complaint with MMOs currently on the market is that there is too much emphasis on grind and getting to the point where I can have fun.  I want fun from the beginning.  With those two sentences Guild Wars 2 just jumped way up my list of anticipated games.

In Guild Wars 2 they are sticking with the philosophy that MMOs shouldn't have subscription fees.  They trust in the quality of their game and expansion packs to sell boxes.  This is a ballsy move, but it worked for Guild Wars and they earned my respect with it.

They are trying to put an emphasis on the story of each individual character.  Most MMOs try to make the story about the world around the character, but GW2 aims to create a personal story for your character.  I want to experience this and see if it makes me more attached to my character.  I don't usually feel heroic in MMOs since everyone else is doing the exact same thing.  They tell me I'm the only one who can save the world, but I don't believe it when there are thousands of other players doing the same world saving. If the focus is on my character instead of world events the story might have more meaning and impact.

I'm impressed by the fact that they are rethinking combat.  Guild Wars did combat slightly different from mainstream MMOs, but Guild Wars 2 is being more ambitious.  I would suggest hopping over to the manifesto and reading the bottom section titled "Rethinking Combat."

The part that got me excited was reading about ways to use abilities in conjuction with one another.  Imagine a situation where you create a wall of fire to hold back an enemy and then your friend shoots through the wall of fire at the enemy which turns his projectiles into flaming projectiles.  Of course that is only one example, but it has so very much potential to be amazing.

From now on I'm going to keep up to date on Guild Wars 2 information.  They won me over with a post.


  1. doesn't it also not have subscription fees?

  2. Yes, Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 don't have subscription fees. You only have to buy the box and then you can play forever.


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