An Influx of Games

Suddenly I have games to play!  After complaining about being in a gaming lull the other day I have since come into a wealth of entertainment.

I wrote about how much I like Blur.  I'm still playing it frequently.  I convinced my brother to play it too and we've been having nightly Blur sessions for a few days.

My friend wasn't using his StarCraft2 Beta account, so he's letting me use it.  SC2 is great!  I'm still trying to learn the new units and everything, but I'm having a fun time figuring it out.  I'll write up some impressions once I've played it more.

I'm so close to beating FFXIII that I just want to finish.  At this point I wouldn't recommend the game to anyone who isn't a hardcore Final Fantasy fan, but at 40 hours into the game I do want to complete it.  I'm far into chapter 12 - out of 13 - in the storyline for FFXIII.  I hope to get a final impressions written once I'm done.

My first Gamefly rental is sitting next to my Xbox 360.  I have Bioshock 2 waiting to be tried.  I'm excited to check it out.

I'll stay busy playing.  Expect some thoughts on the above games soon.


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