Blur = Mario Kart - Cartoonish + MW2 Xp System

An equation to help sell you on Blur!  It's so fun!  A day after complaining about not having anything interesting to play, I found something interesting to play.  Funny how that works.

Blur is like a grown up Mario Kart on Xbox Live.  They also stole the experience and advancement system from Modern Warfare 2.  I love that advancement system, so I think it's a great thing.  I especially like all the challenges that give bonus experience upon completion.  I don't normally like driving games, but I'm making an exception for Blur.

Every level has power-ups to pick up on the track.  These are weapons, shields, and turbo boosts.  There is a weapon called the barge that makes me feel like a badass every time I activate it.  It's a huge concussive blast that radiates out from your car.  Perfect for shoving people off cliffs and into walls.

As I leveled up I unlocked different cars, modes, and mods.  Cars and modes are exactly what you think they are.  Mods are like perks from MW2.  They are subtle ways to alter your car depending on your play style.  There is a lot of potential for unlocking future content in Blur, but at the moment the level is capped at 15 (out of 50 in the final game).

And did I mention the races with 20 people!?  They are insane.  It's fun to have that many cars on track at the same time.  Just like I wish FPSs would allow more players per game, I always hated being capped at 8 or 10 people in racing games.  20 person racing is a blast!

I haven't bought a racing game since Mario Kart Wii, but that will change when Blur comes out.  The multiplayer beta demo is free and on Xbox Live Marketplace right now.  Try it if you haven't.


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