Games to Play With Girls

I have already suggested that Rock Band is the best game to start with when you want to get a girl to play video games.  After she adjusts to the idea of playing on a console you will want to play more games with her.  The question becomes, what games will girls play?

The trick to getting a girlfriend to play video games with you is to pick your games carefully.  Girls are much more discerning with games and will reject them fast if they aren't having fun.  The key is to choose games that are easy to pick up and play.  Pick something that is easy to understand and control.  The worst possible thing to do is to put a console FPS in front of a new gamer.

You want them to become familiarized with the controller before adding games with complex control schemes.  Mario Kart is a great place to start.  It has some layers of complexity but at the same time it isn't hard to understand.  The controls come pretty naturally.

Another good game is Plants vs Zombies.  It starts simply and slowly ramps up the difficulty.  Really, any puzzle game usually works well.

Although I highly recommend staying away from console FPSs I have found that the same rule does not apply to PC FPSs.  Chances are your girl is already familiar with a keyboard and mouse.  This translates well to PC FPS playing.  I suggest Team Fortress 2 as a place to start.  Let her try the heavy, medic, and engineer roles.  All of them are conductive to long life spans, which will keep frustration away.  If you have her try a heavy you can even heal her as a medic and really play the game cooperatively.

There you go, a handful of recommendations for the next step.  Mario Kart, Plants vs Zombies, Team Fortress 2, and puzzle games in general.

Good luck getting the significant other to play with you!


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