Sunday Reading: On Escapism

There were two great posts by Syp this week.  The first discussed escapism.  He slants his post towards Lord of the Rings and LOTRO but I think the same concepts apply to all gaming.  Very worthy of your time.

At the very least, take a look at his arguments for investing in a fantasy world.  It will give you some ammunition next time someone says playing video games is a waste of time.

The other post is about explaining a MMO to a non-gamer.  Syp's mom asked him to explain what he does with blogging, which in turn led to an explanation of MMO gaming in general.

Spinks had a rant which turned into a really interesting analysis of where social gaming is taking us.  Spinks' posts tend to be longer, but they usually have a unique take on a given situation.

There you go, some Sunday reading for this week.


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