Why Should I Wait for Endgame?

After Tobold's post  and Seraphina's post this week I've been thinking about MMOs and their endgame content.  Namely, why do I have to grind through so many levels to get to the "real" content of an MMO?

This is the main reason I have trouble picking up any new MMO that comes out.  I don't mind learning a new game for the first 10 levels, but after that why do I need to grind through 40 more to actually play with the big boys?  This is extremely discouraging for me, especially when new MMOs often feel like re-skinned or old MMOs with a new gimmick thrown in.

Why should I invest a huge amount of time in your new game to hit the level cap when I already have a max level druid waiting for me in WoW?  I haven't played WoW for over nine months now, but at the drop of a hat I can be back online and on my max level character.

Please make a game where I learn the system for the first ten levels (which hopefully don't take more than 6-8 hours) and then have access to all of the rest of the content.  You will draw my attention.  After playing many MMOs over the years and reaching the level cap in more than one I just can't take the grind anymore.

The last 5 MMOs that I have tried were great while I was learning the new system.  The second I started to feel I was just grinding levels and quests to reach some arbitrary level cap I unsubscribed.  Every single one of these subscription cancellations happened before my first month of free play time was up.  That is 5 MMOs that could have potentially hooked me if their endgame wasn't such a timesink to reach.

I already feel the grind coming on with STO.  I want to get my second tier ship.  That is my personal goal at the moment.  Once I have that ship I will play around with it for a day or two.  At that point I will most likely cancel my subscription.  Chances are very high that I will.  If I had access to an even playing field of PVP and high end raid content after level 15 or so, I would stay and play for awhile.

I can no longer stand to grind in MMOs.


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