Impulse Buys

The app store for the ipod touch (and iphone I suppose) is so quick and easy to use that sometimes I have trouble not buying games.

Today I saw that Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II released for the ipod with updated graphics.  I ended up buying them without really seeing the price.  I remember they were under $10 each, but I honestly couldn't tell you the actual price that I paid.  I did the same thing with Plants vs Zombies the other day.  I think that one was more reasonably priced but I still don't remember the specific price point.

The ipod isn't the only place where I've seen fast buying of digital goods.  Amazon has one-click buying on almost every page of their site.  Steam constantly updates me on sales, specials, and current releases.  Kindle makes buying books online a breeze.  As more content goes digital I think we will continue to see more one-click buying.

I think the selection and fast downloads are great for consumers, but I may need to learn to curb my own impulses a bit.  But, then again I do have 3 awesome new ipod games...


  1. Me too. The only game I have ever bought off of Impulse was Sins of a Solar Empire. I buy a lot of Steam games and absolutely love the service.

    After using Steam for years I don't think I could ever go back to buying boxed PC games.


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