Eve Online.... or What Do I Do Now?

Before I say anything else I want to preface this by saying I may be the problem instead of EVE Online.  What I expect from my gaming may be different from what Eve is trying to provide.

Having said that, I want to know what to do in Eve Online.  I have tried on 3 separate occasions to really get into this game, but by the end up the first month I am only logging in to queue up skills.  Since I am no longer actually playing the game I end up canceling my subscription.

I remember how much fun I had the very first time I played the game.  I did all of the tutorial missions and the epic storyline that took me all around the galaxy.  I was having a ton of fun.  After I finished the epic questline I was dumped into space and basically Eve said, "Go" without any further instruction.

At this point many people say it's important to get into a good corp.  I did that each of the 3 times I played EVE, but it only increased my enjoyment a little bit.  Maybe I needed a better corp?

It always bugged me that I don't have direct control of my ship.  There are no buttons to control which way I fly.  Instead I feel like I'm playing a spreadsheet, which isn't all that fun.  Right clicking in space to go anywhere gets annoying.  There are a few buttons to rotate around an object, keep it at a certain distance, lock onto it, or other basic movements but they aren't mapped to the keyboard.  It lacks the feeling of direct control when using WASD to move an avatar.  Star Trek Online managed to use WASD plus QE to give direct control in space combat.  I wish EVE would implement something similar so that I didn't always feel so disconnected from my ship.

I will keep my eye on EVE for the future.  Maybe in one of their many updates they will introduce something that will allow me to get more than a month of enjoyment out of the game.  For now, I wait.


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