Bioshock 2 Question

Is it just more of the same?  I loved Bioshock but everything I have seen about Bioshock 2 makes it seem like the exact same game with a new story.  It all looks so similar.

So, does anyone know if there have been improvements or new (and hopefully interesting) systems added to Bioshock 2.  I'm looking for a reason to play it, but most reviews I have seen say it is extremely similar to the first game.  If someone can give me a reason to pick it up I gladly will.


  1. I honestly don't know how different it is.

    I mean, you're a Big Daddy now, so its a different "feel" to the game. The gameplay though I assume is virtually the same except now you can use your weapons and powers at the same time.

    But you're still fighting splicers in a forsaken underwater city. In Bioshock 1 you fought the Big Daddies. Now in Bioshock 2, you are a Big Daddy and you fight Big Sisters... meh, same thing if you ask me.

    Personally, I don't care. I'm still gonna buy and and waste as many hours as it takes to finish it. But I'm a fan who loved the original and played through its predecessors (System Shock), so may that's the difference between buying it or not.

    If you want something different (and perhaps something that will even soil your pants), go for Aliens vs. Predator. Its shaping up to be a solid FPS. I've been playing the multiplayer beta and it is AWESOME.

  2. Cool, I'll check out AvP.

    I was really hoping that instead of a direct sequel to Bioshock they would take what they had learned and go create a new world. Maybe even make a new Systemshock. I'll probably still check out Bioshock 2, it just isn't a priority.


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