Fallback Games

As Klelith over at Lost in Neurons points out, some games stand the test of time.  I like to call these my fallback games.  They are the games I turn to when I beat a new game and have nothing else to play.  Or when I need to break up the monotony of playing just one game.

These games change over time for everyone.  For me, my fallbacks used to be StarCraft, Warcraft 3, and Counter-Strike.  They are still fun games to visit occasionally but they have all become dated.

My current fallback games are Team Fortress 2 and Modern Warfare 2.  They are such solid skill based games that I cannot recommend them enough.  If you haven't played these two games you are doing yourself a disservice.

I'm extremely excited for StarCraft 2.  Starcraft has always been like a futuristic complex game of chess... in video game form.  I'm pretty sure that once SC2 releases it will join TF2 and MW2 in my list of fallback games.

What are your fallback games and why?


  1. The latest incarnations of Civilization and Unreal Tournament. I can always sink a hundred hours or so to the former, and 30 minutes at any time to the latter.

  2. Solid choices. I've wasted plenty of afternoons with Civ IV. I used to play a ton of Unreal Tournament 2004 as well. I can see the appeal of the latest incarnations.


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