Quick Multi-Player Gaming

This is something I feel that MMOs are lacking.  It is very difficult to log into and MMO for 10-20 minutes and feel like you have actually accomplished something.  The way most MMO progression systems are laid out you have to spend longer then that to acquire another level or a new piece of gear.

I think other games, especially first person shooters, have a leg up in this field.  It is easy to play a complete round of Team Fortress 2 or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 in 15 minutes.  It helps that you don't necessarily have to make progress in a FPS.  Generally, people play them simply to play them.  Although MW2 has changed this somewhat with the introduction of achievements that give experience, it is still pretty easy to get a few kills closer to your goal in a 15 minute sitting.

I hope we see more short session options in MMOs in the future.


  1. What about Global Agenda. That can be a pretty good 15 minute progress game.

  2. That's true, but in my opinion the lack of obvious objectives and the slow pace of leveling deters from the feeling of accomplishment.


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