So many games have vast potential when they are announced.  It's hard to criticize fans when they get worked up over games that are on the horizon, because the grass always seems greener when dealing with a game that hasn't actually been played yet.  As a video game fan you hope that the next game will be bigger, better, improved, new, fresh, and innovative.

But, How many times have you seen developer interviews that announce features which never pan out?  Peter Molyneux comes to mind.  Feature interviews that occur years before the game is released contain so many great ideas.  Time after time these great ideas never make it to launch day.

Then again, you can't gripe on developers for talking about what they hope to bring to their game.  They want to innovate and bring the gaming world something new too.  Unfortunately, more often than not they end up re-creating what has already been done.

As a gamer I can only play the same game re-skinned and re-packaged so many times before I become bored.  I want innovation, or at the very least I want top of the line production values.  Those are the two ways to grab my attention these days.  If you want gamers to play your game you had better do one of these two... otherwise we are going to reject your game faster then you would believe.


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