Summer Drought

Video games traditionally have a summer drought, and we're currently staring it in the face.  There are still a few releases trickling out this month that I'm excited out - mainline Splatoon - but the rest of the release calendar looks pretty bare between now and September.

This always happens, but I seem to forget about it until it hits each summer.  Summer is the time when people have the most free time but it's also the time of year where people spend their days outside.  Less people are inside playing videogames.

It makes sense that publishers would hold back big releases until the fall when they can start tying them in to the Holiday release season.

That means that this is the perfect time to settle in and work on your backlog.  Or hunker down with a game that you're having fun with and experience everything it has to offer.

I know I'm planning on getting into my backlog again.  I also want to keep working on my Final Fantasy Project by investigating more of the spin-off games.

While game releases are winding down the movie hype cycle is in full swing.  All the summer blockbusters are coming!  I'm looking forward to those.

And it's summer!  I'm going to get outside with my kids and play.  I also love sitting on my porch reading, and now is the perfect time.

How about you, dear readers?  What's your summer plan?


  1. There's at least one video game release each month that I would definitely play. Well, minus August.

  2. Well, you got Heavensward at least...

    If you are doing spin-offs, are you going to do Duodecim (it has the original Dissidia storyline and even retcons things so...)?

    1. I actually played that game earlier this year and disliked it so much that I didn't even write about it. Something about the 3D type of fighting game that it is just didn't click with me.


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