Destiny Expansions

So... Destiny Expansions.  I guess I have them?

The second expansion, House of Wolves, released last week.  I was browsing the PSN store and checking it out when I noticed a button that said "Activate Expansion Pass".  I clicked it and the PSN store said that I now have both expansions.

Apparently what happened is that I bought the digital deluxe version of the game when it launched, but the expansion pass didn't activate automatically.  And then I forgot about it until last week.

So now I'm the owner of both expansions and I don't quite know what to do with them.

I only recently got back into Destiny by playing it almost every day while on my exercise bike for the past month or so.  When I started playing it while exercising I started a new character (a hunter this time) and that character is now level 23.

The problem is that to get to any of the expansion content for the first expansion I need to be level 24.  To get into anything for the second expansion I need to be 28.

I own both expansions but I can't play either of them until I get a random loot drop that is better than the stuff I have now.  I suppose I'll just keep playing while I exercise and eventually I'll get a loot drop that I need.


  1. how are you doing with destiny now? now that you have done that, will you be getting taking king? looks awesome


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