Marvel Heroes 2015

A bunch of my digital friends have been playing Marvel Heroes 2015 as a side game, so I thought it would be fun to check out.  It's mostly the fault of Belghast and the Aggrochat crew.  Since I play Final Fantasy XIV with them and listen to their weekly podcast they can definitely influence me to try out new games.

I've never really liked diablo-ish clickfests.  But, maybe I just wasn't playing them in the right setting.  Putting a superhero skin on the game makes it much more appealing to me somehow.  I'm actually really liking the game.  It's not going to become my main time-sink ever but it could consistently become a fun side game.

My biggest takeaway after a few days is that Storm kicks ass.  I tried a bunch of the free starter heroes, but Storm's huge AOE damage ability is super fun.  She's most definitely my main character now.  But, the good part is they have tons of heroes to choose from.  If you have a favorite from the Marvel Universe you can probably play as it.

The game is also free to play, but I haven't paid anything so far.  It seems to be completely viable to play through the game without paying money as long as you're happy with only having a couple heroes.  If you start buying more heroes or costumes then you're going to end up dropping real world money, but it seems to be completely optional.

It's free and it's on Steam.  If you have any interest in a Diablo style game in a Marvel Superhero setting there's no reason not to check it out.


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