Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

After my disappointing stint with Final Fantasy Tactics I thought I would go back to some of my early Final Fantasy roots and dig out my copy of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.  This is my all time favorite Game Boy Advance game and it's one of the Final Fantasy games that I've put the most time into.

When I booted up the game for the first time I already had two separate save games on the cartridge, each with over 50 hours played in them.

I started up a new game and after the intro missions it all came flooding back to me.  I have such strong memories of playing this game.  It's really good!  The general battle structure is similar to Final Fantasy Tactics but it gets rid of the deal-breaking annoying features of that game.

I love Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and I've beaten it multiple times.  And you know what?  After a couple hours with it I realized that I don't feel the need to beat it again right now.  It's a great game but I've already finished it in full on many occasions.  I don't think a long enough amount of time has passed for me to dig into this one again.

I'm going to put this game down with fond memories, knowing that I'll pick it up again some day in the future.  It really is a fantastic game.  But playing Final Fantasy Tactics Advance reminded me that I have never finished it's sequel, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2.  So that's the next game I'm diving into.


  1. I LOVE Final Fantasy Tactics Advance so much. It's one of my all time favorites. I also much prefer it over the original FFT. FFTA 2 is fantastic as well!

    1. Me too! The gameplay systems are so much better. It makes the game way more fun.

  2. I thankfully didn't allow my love of Final Fantasy Tactics to cloud my judgement of FFTA. While the latter is superior in gameplay, its story barely compares. That might be an insult for other games, but considering how much I revere FFT's story and how much I enjoyed FFTA's, it is all a matter of context.

    1. It was one of my favorites as a kid because of the awesome gameplay. Now, as an adult, I know that the story isn't as great as the original but that's ok. The gameplay is just so good!



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