Marvel Unlimited

I need to stop saying I'm not a comic guy.  I bought a month subscription to Marvel Unlimited and I'm loving it!

For those of you that don't know, Marvel Unlimited is a subscription service where you get access to the entire Marvel back-catalog of comics.

I was convinced to buy into a month subscription because Marvel just put their old Star Wars comics onto the service.

I started poking around in the Star Wars comics on the service and I was severely disappointed.  They're old... they don't appeal to my modern tastes.  Then I thought I'd dive into the classic superhero comics.  They were super boring too.

So I just started clicking on comics I had never heard of and reading the first issue of different series.  That's when I started finding diamonds in the rough.  Apparently I like non-traditional comics.

Runaways is an amazing series about teenagers who discover that all their parents are supervillains so they run away from home together.  Then they slowly discover that they also have powers and abilities.  It's really good.

Then I found Mary Jane.  The comic, not the other thing.  It's all about high school from Mary Jane's perspective.  Spider-man is in the comic, but very rarely.  He's definitely not in every issue.  And it's SO GOOD!  Something about the high school drama in a superhero world is really working for me.

Dear readers, I guess I'm not a fan of traditional comic books, but can you recommend anything else in the Marvel backlog for me to check out?  I'd really appreciate it!


  1. If you liked Runaways, you might enjoy Young Avengers. In the wake of the Avengers falling part, a team of teenagers with powers and identities very similar to Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, and Hulk show up. Turns out its a little more complicated than that.

    1. That sounds like something that might appeal to me. I'll totally check it out.


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