S1E38 - Reading in the Digital Age - “That may be the nerdiest thing that’s happened on this show”

In this episode:
  • We love to read, but the big question we get asked his what we read. And how. Do we prefer ebooks to paper books, or audiobooks to ebooks? So we talk about how our collections have moved mostly digital for a number of reasons, not the least of which is simply the clutter that buying tons of hardcovers and paperbacks accumulate over the years.
  • We discuss the benefits of smartphone ebook apps, and how between them and audiobooks, we can get through so many more books than we would otherwise.
  • Speaking of audiobooks, we love them! We listen to tons of different audiobooks. Void tends to use Whispersync on Kindle to keep his place between the same book, but Beej listens to a completely different kind of book on audio than he reads. It’s like the formats work differently for each geek!
  • Void doesn’t like books set in the real-world, but Beej is okay with them if they have good characters.
  • We talk a lot about comics in another podcast, so we gloss over them here.We love to read them, but make sure you go back and listen to our comics episode. It really needs some love.
  • And now...our favorite authors! People ask all the time, and if we need to break it down more specifically, we will. We talk about people like Brandon Sanderson, John Scalzi, and Patrick Rothfuss. And more than that! If you want deep-dives into any particular authors, let us know!
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