Battlefield 1 Review

I really liked the Battlefield 1 campaign... like... a lot.  I haven't been this impressed with a first person shooter campaign since Modern Warfare.  That's the last game I remember having such an impact on me.

Something about how they executed it and tied it into World War I just resonated with me.  Granted, it's not historically or technologically accurate, but it does a great job of imparting the sense that it is.  There are parts of the campaign where you feel like you're in the middle of WWI and it's that feeling that is so impressive.

The story is told through a bunch of smaller vignettes that take place in different theaters of war.  It makes for condensed and impactful storytelling.  Now I want more FPS games that take this approach instead of trying to make one giant interconnected storyline throughout the whole campaign.

The multiplayer was perfectly fine too.  But that part just kinda felt like another Battlefield.  If you like Battlefield games then you'll like it, if you don't then you won't.  No big surprises there.

But yeah, I highly recommend checking out the Battlefield 1 single player campaign if you find any interest in FPS campaigns at all.


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