Dishonored 2 Impressions

Dishonored 2 feels a lot like Dishonored, but just more refined.  And that's not a bad thing at all.  Dishonored was a game I liked playing through but it's also one I never felt strongly enough to revisit after the initial playthrough.

Starting out Dishonored 2 felt like more of the same.  The stealth feels a little bit more meaningful and the new power-set with Emily is interesting.  I played for a few hours and saw what the game had to offer.  But in the end, I'm glad I rented this one instead of buying it.

I'm just not in the right mood for a game like this.  The world is dark, grim, and gritty.  Ultimately, that's what turned me away from it.  I don't want that kind of tone in my media right now.

But, I did make a mental note to come back to this game later.  The next time I want a solid first person stealth game and don't mind a dark tone I'll probably pick this one up for real on PC.  The rented version I played was PS4 and the controls just didn't feel as good as when I played the first game on PC.

Overall, it's a good game but one I'm not in the mood for right now.  But if any of my above description sounds interesting to you then you should pick it up and play it.


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