Civilization VI Impressions

Civilization VI is a weird one to talk about.  I've played it a bunch but not nearly enough to feel like I can write a review about it.  Civilization games have a ton of depth and this one is no different.  But I have played through multiple games all the way to the end and I have won a few different types of victories.  So I do have some thoughts.

Mainly, Civilization VI is another Civilization game.  If you've liked them in the past then chances are super high that you'll like this one.  In the grand scheme of things it's not all that different.

But then again, the difference is in the details.

There are now more victory types and then can be achieved in new ways.  Your city is no longer one tile but instead you build out districts and improvements that impact, expand, and limit one another depending on how you configure your city.  Resources are handled differently.  So are diplomatic options.  Units can now stack in small quantities if you have the right research done, but there's no stack of doom like in old Civ games.  There are a ton of small things that have changed.

Overall, I think this is the best starting place for a Civilization game that they've ever put out.  It's inevitable that they'll come along with patches and expansions to improve the game.  It should only get better from this point on.  But even with the way it is right now it's a ton of fun.

If you've been a fan of Civilization in the past I highly suggest picking up Civ VI.  If you've never picked up a Civilization game before but find yourself the least bit interested... I also suggest you pick it up.  You might find a new series to love!


  1. I've been enjoying it a lot. My most recent game is as Russia. I started in the Tundra (good thing Russia gets production and faith from tundra, no?) and got hemmed in pretty quickly by Rome, Greece (Gorgo, not Pericles) and Japan and at times have had all 3 at war with me (sometimes all 3 simultaneously) but I've done fine. If I had religious victory enabled I'd have that won since it's a 6-player map and Sumeria killed whoever he was sharing his continent with before we had shipbuilding, where my entire continent belongs to my Russian Orthodox religion, so I'd have that in the bag. As it is, I'm planning an eventual domination win. My civ is kind of a line going from SW to NE and cutting Rome off into a corner, so I should be able to simply sweep them up soon. Once I actually build up enough units...... I'll get there soon.


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