Telltale Fatigue

I finally have Telltale fatigue.  I knew it as soon as I tried to go back to Minecraft Story Mode and was immediately bored with it.

I'm burned out on the Telltale formula.  Yes, every one of their games has a different story to tell but the core of the gameplay behind it is identical.  They're all obviously built on the same underlying structure.

I must have just played too many of their games last year.  I played all six episodes of Game of Throne and all five episodes of Tales from the Borderlands.  Not to mention playing a bunch of The Wolf Among Us.

For me it's time to step away from Telltale games for a bit.  I loved Tales from the Borderlands and really liked Game of Thrones this year but they've apparently overdone it for me.

I think the key will be to wait for the next franchise that I'm super excited for from Telltale.  I'm sure there will be something that I get pumped up about, but Minecraft definitely isn't it.


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