Stardew Valley "Complete"

Stardew Valley can never really be complete but after I wrote last time I was sitting around 45 hours and decided that I needed to set some goals for myself to "finish" the game.

I set out to:

  • Make it to year 3
  • Max out all my character's stats
  • Buy one of every building
  • Have one of each animal
  • Grow/Harvest each plant once
  • Finish the dungeon quests
  • Get married
  • Have the biggest size house
  • Finish the Community Center
I did all these goals except one by mid-winter in year 2, so all I had to do was play a bit more to get to year 3 and complete my final goal.

So now I'm "finished" with the game.  I could totally keep playing and setting new goals for myself, or try to start knocking out achievements.  But, at this point I have 60 hours logged in the game and I'm going to take a break.  I can see how people could easily keep going and enjoying this game.  Or even restarting at this point and playing the game while going down a different path with villager relationships or the Community Center.

For me, I'm taking a break.  I bet I'll come back to this game either when the developer drops a major update or when he implements multiplayer in the future.  I know I'm not actually done with this game, but it's definitely time to take a break.

If you still haven't played Stardew Valley you should really give it a shot.  This is probably the best money to time ratio for any media I've purchased in a long time.  $15 will get you the game on Steam.


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