Stardew Update!

As of when I'm writing this (a week and a half before it's posted) I'm sitting at about 44 hours played in Stardew Valley.

I've just been playing it so much that it's totally on my mind and I want to share more about it, let me get into the weeds a bit.

I'm half way through my second summer in the game.  At this point I have an amazing automated sprinkler system set up so that I can have almost 4 times as many crops at a time as I did in my first year.

The first winter ended up being a great time to catch up in the mine and get a ton of ore, which forged into bars of metal for crafting.  That's where all these automated sprinklers came from.

I also just realized that I messed up in my first Fall and forgot to turn in a pumpkin as part of the Fall Crop Bundle in the Community Center.  That means I can't unlock the greenhouse on my farm until this Fall when I can grow pumpkins again!  Ugh!

But I've made so much progress on the Community Center bundles which end up unlocking new things around town.  I think the only major thing left to unlock is the greenhouse... all the other Community Center bundles are just to increase friendship with townsfolk.

I'm really looking forward to getting the greenhouse set up with plants that keep producing fruit without replanting.  Then it's basically a money making machine.  I'm anticipating a lot of cranberries in there.  And ancient seeds once I finally find one.

But I need to make more progress in the desert dungeon.  It doesn't have an elevator to "save" progress the way the mines do.  And I have a quest to get to level 25.  That will take a full day and probably a lot of luck.  That is... unless I just craft 25 of the stairs that let you skip a level.  That may be the way to go, but it'll take a lot of stone.

I'm also trying to woo the townsfolk.  My daughter has been watching me play and insists that I need to get a wife for some reason.  So, I'm trying to now.  Maru, the science/techy girl is the one I'm attempting to romance.  Let's see how that works out.

And that's kind of where I am with Stardew Valley.  There's a lot going on, it's super fun, and when it feels like too many things to do I just go fishing because it's surprisingly relaxing.

Stardew Valley.... still two thumbs up.


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