Bouncing Off More Shows

I've still been working through my list of shows to try and I've found myself bouncing off a few more after a couple episodes.

Legends of Tomorrow

I liked the premise of this one.  A team of B-List superheroes and villains from the current DC superhero shows team up to fight and enemy that is going to destroy the timeline.  It's a superhero time travel show!  The pilot had me interested and then the first few episodes after it completely lost me.  It got boring, and stuck in the 1970s for some reason.  If this gets critical acclaim later I might come back and check it out again but for now it's lost my attention.


A cool premise of a zombie show where our zombie protagonist is perfectly functional in human society because she got a job at the morgue and can eat brains regularly.  The brains let her relive some of the memories of the dead person, as well as pick up their skills or quirks.  Unfortunately it quickly became a police procedural for some reason.  I hate police procedurals.

Marco Polo

The pilot had me really interested in the adventures of Marco Polo but then the next episodes had horribly slow pacing.  As I go back and try out all these shows I'm learning that plot pacing is the most important thing for me, otherwise I feel like I'm wasting my time.  If Marco Polo were telling the same story, only faster, I would be more interested.

That's it for now.  I still have a few other shows on my list to check out and I'm hoping they might stick.


  1. Your impressions are the same as mine.... except I like police procedurals. and in the 2nd season she takes on a lot more of the personalities of the people whose brains she eats too, so it's almost like she's a different character in each show. That said, the overall story arc of trying to find a cure for zombie-ism as well as dealing with Blaine's trying to take over Seattle's drug trade and Major being blackmailed into working for the Max Rager folks as a zombie-hunter have gotten really old for me.

    But yeah.. LoT had a good pilot and the 3 or 4 episodes I've seen since have been really boring and I just don't have the desire to catch up the episodes that I've missed.

    Marco Polo pilot also was pretty cool, but then the 2-3 episodes I've seen since dragged, as you say.

    1. Sounds like we're generally on the same page!

      I'm still looking, hopefully I'll find more shows soon that I actually enjoy. The Flash has been my best find lately.


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