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I made a podcast!  Well, really, we made a podcast.  Me and Professor Beej that is.

And it's live... RIGHT NOW!

We've been working on it for awhile and our podcast feed just got approved!  Go check it out!

In our first episode we talk about the subjective value of games as we touch on Firewatch, Superhot, Stardew Valley, MMOs, Steam Sales, backlogs, and lots of other good stuff.

I'd love to hear what you guys think of it.  And if you could rate it and review it in your podcast app of choice it would help us out so much.  That's what will let people find us in the future.

I'm so excited to share this with you:
It's filtering out to all the third party apps right now too.  If you're not an iTunes user try searching your app.  Otherwise just paste the RSS feed URL into your app and you should be good to go:
Or if you're someone who really wants to listen in a browser instead.... here you go:


  1. Yay! first =D
    You did it! I look forward to hearing you two together. And I still wanna play Firewatch.....when I have time again bsides BDO, which is probably never. x)

    1. You're always getting hooked by MMOs :)

      Thanks for listening! I appreciate it!

      And definitely let me know once you play Firewatch!

  2. I enjoyed your first episode. It's clear that you and the Prof get on well, which meant there was a balanced and lively debate.

    I have my own ideas and preferences regarding podcasting format and production but that doesn't mean that they're universally applicable to all. You have to find your own style and be comfortable with it.

    However, if I may here are a few ideas for consideration.

    1.) A clear intro and outro for the show. Take a few moments to tell listeners who you are and what coming up. Remember you can pick up new listeners at any time so you need to give them a bit of a heads up.

    2.) I like musical links or some kind of audio sting to seperate subject matters. I find a that a continuous flow of dialogue can be confusing at times. Clealry signalling the start and end of a topic is usueful.

    3.) Once you establish some sort of format, then stick with it. People like consistentcy. It also helps if you can maintain a release schedule.

    As I said, my approach may not suit all. Some favour a more spontaneous approach. I have always favoured a talk radio or semi-documentary format.

    Whatever you do, I hope you keep podcasting. we need new shows and frwesh ideas.

    1. This is fantastic feedback! Thanks so much for listening and writing back, I seriously appreciate it.

      We'll definitely work on our intro/outro but I think comfortableness with that will come in time. We're also still fooling around with music/sfx cues. I'm sure over the first few episodes I'll experiment until I land on something that works... then stick with it.


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