Since finishing Rogue Legacy, I've been dabbling in other PS4 and Wii U games to play while I'm exercising. One of this month's free PS Plus games was CounterSpy.  It's been a ton of fun and fits into my workout routine with my stationary bike.  It fills the same niche for me that Rogue Legacy did.

But it's not like Rogue Legacy.  CounterSpy is a stealth platformer, a stealth shooter, and a cover shooter all at the same time.  It's really cool.

Basically you start as a stealth platformer, but there are certain areas of the environment where you can hit a button and snap to that piece of scenery.  At that point you're playing a cover shooter, unless you have a silenced weapon, at which point you're playing a stealth shooter.  It's a really cool mash-up of genres and control schemes.  It took about half an hour for the game to click with me, but after that I was loving it.

The setting and art style are amazing too.  It's basically a new cold war setting where both sides are trying to launch nukes to blow up the moon for some reason.  The premise lets the art style feel unique and cold war-ish.  I like the aesthetic.

This is actually a game that I've played while off my exercise bike too.  So, while I gave Rogue Legacy a hesitant recommendation I can give this one a wholehearted thumbs up.  And if you have PS Plus you have no excuse, it's free for you, go try the game.


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