Nothing Will Stick

Ever have one of those days where you try a bunch of games in your library and nothing will stick?  You just jump between games for a few hours before giving up on all of them?  That happened to me the other night.

I think I'm finished with a couple more Steam games.  These are games from my positive impression pile back when I did my big backlog playtest.  Wolfenstein, Shadowrun: Dragonfall, and Saints Row IV are all good games but I can't seem to get them to stick.

They're just not games for me at the moment even though I can tell they're good games.

I don't think I'm in a big FPS mood, so Wolfenstein was fun for a few play sessions but I have no desire to play it to completion.  It's going in my "Games I'm Done With" Steam folder.  Maybe I'll revisit it in the future if I get a sudden FPS craving... but not anytime soon.

Shadowrun: Dragonfall is good too.  It has solid turn based mechanics with a variety of classes and options.  It's a full-featured RPG with lots of dialog choices too.  I don't know why it can't seem to grab me.  This should be right up my alley.  I like all the parts of the game on paper.  I also like them in isolation.  There's something about the whole package put together that doesn't work for me.

It's hard because I can see all the reasons I should like Shadowrun: Dragonfall.  I just don't.  I won't be revisiting it, but at the same time I could recommend it to a certain subset of people.  It's weird that way.

Saints Row IV is fun if you want to mess around in an open world.  Unfortunately, I'm burned out on open worlds.  They all start to feel the same after awhile.  I'll probably try to avoid them until next year's Assassin's Creed release.  That series always seems to pull me back in.  I also tried to get into GTA V recently and that didn't stick either.  While I would rather play Saints Row IV over GTA V any day... I would rather just not play either.

I'm frustrated right now.  I'm just jumping between games and not much is sticking.  I'm still playing FFXIV regularly, but I would love to get more non-MMOs into my gaming mix.  I guess I'll keep trying things from my Steam library and hope something grabs my attention soon.


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