Playing with Toys

Last weekend we were out and about at an activity.  After exploring for awhile my son wanted to just sit down at a table and play with toys.  He's 2 and he's a blast.

Playing cars with my son while waiting for my wife and daughter was awesome.  We drove them across the table.  We let them drive themselves off the table.  We crashed them into each other.  We had a giant dinosaur puppet eat them.  He was laughing and playing and having so much fun.

It reminded me that sometimes it's nice to disconnect and just play.  We don't always need to be online and be connected.


  1. Short, and sweet, and it sounds absolutely adorkable! I'm looking forward to kids and these little moments like this. :) Thank you for sharing!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! I don't talk about my kids on here a ton, but they're the biggest part of my life right now. They're awesome.


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