PC Gaming Catch-Up Impressions the Third

More PC gaming catch-up.  I'm still working through my Steam backlog.

Breath of Death VII

Here's an RPG with a twist on the classic old school style.  It's by Zeboyd Games who I know from playing the RPGs they made for Penny-Arcade.  I loved the Penny-Arcade games, but that was more because of the writing and characters than for the mechanics.

The mechanics in Breath of Death VII are interesting.  Battles are about building up a combo through multi-hit attacks and then unleashing a combo-breaker that does massive damage.  It's a cool little mechanic.

Breath of Death VII is set in a post apocalyptic world where everything is dead, undead, or some kind of mutant.  The main character is a silent skeleton and his first companion is a ghost.  It's a good change of pace from the typical fantasy setting.

If I didn't just come off of playing every Final Fantasy mainline game I would probably be more inclined to pick up an RPG with charm like this.  Breath of Death VII, I like you, I'm just not in the mood for you.  Maybe another day.

Cthulhu Saves the World

Another Zeboyd developed RPG.  It's their second RPG, so I thought I would try it immediately after their first RPG, Breath of Death VII.  It seems to be running on an upgraded version of the same graphics engine that Breath of Death VII has.  It has a similar look and feel.  The combat is also a slightly tweaked version of the combat engine from Breath of Death VII.

Overall, I liked it a lot better.  The world and the characters are more interesting.  I actually laughed out loud a few times.  Cthulhu awakens from his slumber, ready to destroy the world, and immediately loses all his powers to a curse.  The only way to break the curse is to become a true hero by doing good deeds... so that he can regain his powers and destroy everything.  It's really funny reading the dialog between Cthulhu and other characters.

I played Cthulhu Saves the World for three times as long as I played Breath of Death VII.  And that's in spite of not being in the mood for this type of game.  If you are in need of a modern RPG in the old school style I think Cthulhu Saves the World might be your game.


This is a bad FPS halfway between Call of Duty and Battlefield.  I got it for free as part of a humble bundle.  I never wanted this game.  Now I have played it and I hated it and I'm done with it.

I'm not even going to give it an image.  Don't buy it.


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