PC Gaming Catch-Up Impressions the First

The holiday break has given me a chance to start catching up on my PC gaming!  Here are my first set of impressions from all the PC games I'm trying out.

Mini Metro

So good.  So surprisingly good.  Usually I hate early access games, but this might be my new favorite action/puzzler.

You take the role of city transportation planner and try to keep the trains running as the city slowly expands around you.  It's amazing and I can't do it justice with words, you need to see it in motion.

I can tell you I started the game intending to try it for 5 minutes before bouncing to the next game... and the next time I looked up it was an hour and a half later as I was emerging from some kind of zen state.  Connecting stations, adding trains, rerouting existing routes, making bridges and tunnels.  It all adds up to a ton of fun.  It works really well.

This game is so fun already and it's only going to get better as early access progresses.  Go pick it up!  It's only $7 on Steam.


This is a weird one.  A scrolling vertical shooter in the old school style.  The premise of the game is an alternate reality 1619 where the Spanish have allied with Martians.  You play an Englishman on a path to redemption, fighting in this "New World" with a spaceship.  Or something.

It charmed me for a bit, but scrolling shooters aren't really my genre.  I did have more fun with it than the last few games I tried in this genre, so if you are a fan you might want to look into it.


A minimalistic space-base building strategy game.  I like the style of this game, but it's really slow and it isn't complex enough to stay interesting.  I "beat" the game on normal, but I had to restart multiple times because the tutorial sucks and doesn't give you enough information to build your base intelligently.  This game was frustrating but the cool art style let me stick with it long enough to get a good feel for the game.

I won't be going back to rymdkapsel.  I can't recommend it.


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