PC Gaming Catch-Up Impressions the Second

I'm still trying out lots of games from my Steam library that I haven't gotten to touch until now.  Here is my second round of impressions.

Always Sometimes Monsters

Made by Devolver Digital, which usually makes good games, this is a choice-driven story game.  I liked the premise of having lots of choices that matter in the world but the game just took way too long to get interesting.  I gave up after about half an hour.  If a game can't grab my attention in 30 minutes then I don't have more time to give it.

I think the premise is solid.  A story driven game with lots of meaningful choices sounds great.  But I didn't like the execution of it.

I looked on HowLongToBeat.com and it says the main game takes 8.5 hours to finish on average.  There's no way I could have stuck with it but maybe some of you could if you don't mind a slow paced game.


A hex-based tactical combat game in a fantasy setting with an overly generic intro and horrible controls.  I like hex-based tactical combat games and I like the fantasy setting so I should be primed to enjoy this one.  Unfortunately, this game's controls are just horrible.  Even after reading the tutorial three or four times I still couldn't get my characters to do what I wanted them to do.  It was an exercise in frustration management.

This is a game in desperate need of a usability overhaul or new controls.  I don't know how they shipped it with controls this frustrating.

Blade Symphony

Blade Symphony is an interesting one.  I was a kickstarter backer for this game way back when kickstarter was first taking off.  I've played this game a number of times in alpha, beta, and now I just tried it in it's full release state.

It's not a bad game, but it's also not a great game.  It takes its inspiration from the old Jedi Knight games.  Instead of facing off against AI as a Jedi you are facing off against other opponents as a duelist online.  Anyone who has played the old Jedi Knight games will instantly feel familiar with Blade Symphony.

That being said, those old Jedi Knight games didn't have the most precise controls and the same is true here.  There's a solid game in here but it's not easy to pick up and play.  It would take a lot of dedicated time to get good at Blade Symphony.  But, if you liked the Jedi Knight series, there might just be something here for you.


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