PC Gaming Catch-Up Impressions the Fifth

Dino D-Day

You can be a dinosaur with a gun strapped to its back!  I could tell you more about the game... but really, do you need anything more than that?

If you do, I'm somewhat disappointed in you.  This game is $0.99 on Steam right now.  You get to fight in a multiplayer battle of axis vs allies with multiple classes on each side.  At first glance it's like a lot of other multiplayer shooters... but then you realize both sides has dinosaurs.  It's amazing.

My friend Professor Beej got this game for me and I'm so thankful for it.  This game is going into my favorites list right next to my other evergreen games.  You should get it.  Why are you waiting?  Seriously.

Strike Suit Zero

This is a pretty good spaceship dog fighting game.  It has controls that are easy to pick up and work fairly well with a mouse and keyboard.  There's a nice variety of ships and weapon configurations.

The story campaign held my interest and helped me stay engaged with the game.  The visuals are also very pretty.  It's a good looking space game.

I wouldn't immediately recommend this game to most people, but if you like a good twitchy dogfight with spaceships this game might appeal to you.

Strike Suit Infinity

This is exactly the same gameplay as Strike Suit Zero, but instead of missions it's an endless mode with ship upgrades, fleet upgrades, and waves of enemies.

It still looks nice and plays well, so if you're going to check out only one keep in mind that Strike Suit Infinity is more arcade-like and Strike Suit Zero is more story driven.  One isn't obviously better than the other, they're just different.


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