2022 Games of the Year: Nobody Saves the World

Nobody Saves the World asks the question, "Would you like to be a poison rat that can also turn into a necromancer, horse, soldier, snail, and so much more?"  Actually, the rat is just a starting place.  Maybe I should back up.

Nobody Saves the World is a top down action game with some Zelda vibes that gives you a ton of options for how you want to play.  You unlock a large variety of different forms which all control differently and have individual attacks and abilities.  You unlock the functionality to combine and customize character abilities as you get later into the game and that opens up the door to even crazier character combos.

In the end, you're a Nobody... but you're also kind of an everybody?  It's an interesting mix.

My daughter and I both had fun in this game for a good 20 hours or so.  We saw a lot of dungeons and unlocked a large portion of the map before we both eventually fell off of the game.  We liked what was there but it became a little too much grind, not enough direction, and not enough novelty in the mid to late game.

The thing is... the first 10 hours of this game were really fun.  I can easily recommend it as a Game Pass game to try if you're already paying for Game Pass.  Is it worth the dollars to straight up buy the game?  I'm not sure.  Is it worth the time to check it out on Game Pass if you're already paying for that? 100% yes.

This slots in under Halo Infinite but above Unpacking.  Here's our new running ranking:

  1. FFXIV Endwalker
  2. Halo Infinite
  3. Nobody Saves the World
  4. Unpacking
It's interesting to me that three of the four games on here so far are from Game Pass.  I'm super curious to see what that trend looks like by year-end.


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