2022 Games of the Year: Let's Try Some Ranking

I've gotten bad at remembering to add Geek to Geek episodes on here as we release them and, as such, the blog hasn't been updated much lately.

Overall, that's ok.  This was always meant to be a release valve for creative efforts and I knew I would have periods of more or less writing over time.

Starting with this year (Season 7) of the Geek to Geek Podcast we've decided to drop down to an every-other week cadence which has freed up a bit of my creative energies for the first time in awhile.

When we do our games of the year lists we typically will do one mid-year episode and one year-end episode.  The mid-year is a great time to check in on things in the first half of the year so that we don't forget about them in the back half.

The thing I've been kicking around in my head is that it would be fun to do a running list throughout the entire year.  This would be similar to what I did with my Final Fantasy Project where I drop the games into the ranking as I go and I'm not allowed to switch up the rankings later.  That could make for an interesting list but it doesn't necessarily mean my running list will line up with my year end list.  That's ok though, I think this might be a fun exercise to do.

I've been keeping that running list in my show notes for the Geek to Geek Podcast (my personal notes, not the public facing ones) so I have the changes over time.  I have a little bit of catching up to do since we're already three months into the year but I want to get started with posts!  If I (hopefully) keep up with it, this will run from December to December since that's what we end up considering the calendar year for our games of the year shows.

All of that to say... let's give it a try!


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